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Cabins in
Southwest Montana

Cabins in Southwest Montana

Southwest Montana Cabins

Log Cabins in Southwest Montana Mountains
come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes ranging from rustic pioneer era homestead log cabins, to quite elaborate mountain and valley retreats, all depending on the owners definition of what a "southwest Montana cabin" means to them.

Off-Grid Log Cabins in Southwest Montana
Off-grid cabins, dry cabins and seasonal hunting cabins may be found in the more remote and secluded areas of Southwest Montana, primarily in those areas with nearby recreational opportunities, hunting and wildlife populations, creeks, streams, lakes or rivers. Most off-grid cabins are of basic / rustic design and construction, with wood burning fireplace or stove. Luxuries, such as electrical power is commonly produced on-site via generator or solar power panels and associated battery storage and inverter system which can readily supply the needs of common household appliances, lighting etc. Additionally, L.P. gas appliances and supplemental heating are common. Drinking water will generally be supplied via private well, though many have utilized natural spring water, which may require treatment to insure it is potable.

Cabins in Southwest Montana
Skiing cabins, fishing cabins and more elaborate cabins are generally found in areas of easier access to utilities, community services, and all season roads. Prices for Southwest Montana Cabins can very greatly depending on the size, condition, construction type (log, timber frame, conventional frame etc), location as well as topography and scenic or other attributes of the land or acreage on which the cabin is located. These types of recreational cabins in Southwest Montana are enjoyed by owners on a weekend, vacation or full time year around basis. A highly sought after commodity, skiing, fishing and other more elaborate cabins can demand a premium price, and are somewhat rare to become available on the market for purchase.
Log Cabins in Southwest Montana

This area of Southwest Montana has attracted many "absentee" owners of cabins, which enjoy their prized possession on a seasonal or recreational basis, hosting family and friends or relaxing in a private and secluded location without the pressures of modern day civilization.

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